Why Choice?

Your personnel, products, and values are unique - your distributor should be too. Let’s discuss a program tailored to your brand and goals.

More Than a Distributor

We consider ourselves brand ambassadors. We provide retail owners and their staff the education they need to know your selection of products inside and out.


Product education and customer service is our focus. Your brand won't get lost in a sea of hundreds of others.

Sales & Logistics

Our team can represent you and drive the sales your product deserves. You can rely on efficient, on-time delivery by our truck or via carrier.


We vet all of our brands based on ingredient sourcing, production facility and manufacturing standards. We carefully select products that complement each other, so your brand is represented fairly.


With expertise in digital and traditional marketing, we will develop strategies internally to help drive awareness and sales. We can collaborate with your marketing team to create a plan that is successful for both of us.


Your brand is important. We strive to meet your needs and work to achieve your goals in the marketplace.