Our Story Old

Choice Pet Products, formerly known as Complete Animal Nutrition Distribution, was founded in 2014, by Bob Sledzinski and his wife Emily. When founded, Bob was still working full time as Deputy Sheriff in Southwest Florida and Emily was working for a local hospital’s radiology department.

Bob spent most of his life around dogs and specifically working dogs, (SAR, Law Enforcement and Military). Bob always understood the importance of nutrition in these dogs and their overall health and service life. Bob has always been one to research brands manufacturing processes and ingredient sourcing.

While doing research on brands being fed in different agencies, a colleague in the Mid Atlantic stated his agency was feeding two different brands that were not known to Bob in Florida.  The brands were contacted, however Bob was informed that due to being small family-owned brands, the larger distribution channels would not carry their product. 

After researching current distribution available and the pros and cons of these distribution channels, Bob was better able to understand what these brands were bringing to his attention.

After much consideration of the current pet distribution landscape, the quality of some products being offered, and lack of service offered, it was decided to create Choice Pet Products. It was Bob's determination to return pet product distribution back to where it once was. 

Choice Pet Products is founded on quality ingredients, manufacturing processes and customer service. 

Bob remains involved in the working dog and committed to bringing quality manufactures and products into the marketplace.